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MUSIC VIDEO: vimeo.com/99785563


(7) Something I’ve always been enamored (6)by
is when geese (5) fly
they make perfect
(4) shapes (3) in (2) the (3) sky. (etc. follow same pattern for all verse)

As these geese fly side by side by side
I see one cast off from the ride
I can’t help but

(7) Fly away
Fly away (8)home
Fy away (7)ho-(6)o-(7)ome
(x2 same for all chorus’ change words for the very last one)

This little goose looks alone and sad
clutzy like he’s lost his mom and dad
lost in his world
just a little lad

This excluding flying V
it isn’t trying to be mean
It’s just got
places it should be


Although he flies with no grace
I’m confident he’ll find his place
within this
long migration race

For if he loses this pack
another one will come up the back
towards his destination
he’ll be right on track


And if he can’t keep up again
another pack will be round the been
if he keeps trying I’m sure he’ll
get there in the end

Now this goose did realize
that in order to survive
all he had to do was
help his fellow guys


Taking turns at the front of the pack
So you can later catch your breath at the back
Working together:
thats the secret fact

Finding your place in society
well it can be quite scary
I hope people and geese share a similar


chorus final words
Fly away fly away home I hope he finds his home
fly away fly away home I hope I find my home


from The Ryan McNabb Tribute Album​-​EP, released April 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Nice People Montreal, Québec

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